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What to Expect Being Friends with Benefits

A relationship like being friends with benefits has different rules compared to the regular romantic relationship. This is for people who want to satisfy their need to be physically close with someone yet do not want to be emotionally attached. Its convenience is indeed appealing to some that is why they engage in this kind of relationship. What should you expect in being friends with benefits?

It is entirely different from a long-term romantic relationship. If you are someone who is not really familiar with a casual sex relationship then you need to expect that there is going to be a big change if you want one. Your approach should be completely different from your past relationships. This is because the governing rules of being friends with benefits are also different. If you are going for this kind of relationship with a close friend, things may never be the same for you in the future. However, it will still depend on how you handle the situation.

It is going to end soon. Being friends with benefits is not made to last forever. You need to enjoy its advantages while it lasts. Do not think about future plans and goals with the other person. It is just completely wrong. You are not meant to be together forever. Remember that the only thing that keeps you connected is your ability to satisfy each other in the bed. This does not mean that you are compatible enough to think about spending the rest of your life together. The other person can never be your husband or wife. It is safe to think this way rather than getting hope involved. Your relationship is going to end soon whether you like it or not, unless, you are both going to fall in love with each other which is very unlikely.

Be realistic. Being in a casual sex relationship does not have room for fantasies. The only things allowed in your thoughts are your sexual desires. Sticking with the basic rules can help you perceive things while being realistic. It is not right to make long-term goals or you will only end up getting hurt. The relationship will stay less complicated if you act and view it that way.

Emotionally involved. If you develop a certain level of emotional attachment due to the hormones at work, expect that you might also feel a certain level of pain. There is a greater possibility that it is going to be an unrequited love. He will not be able to return your feelings. It can be hard to tell the person you love him even though you are sure that he is not going to love you back. Nevertheless, you still need to be honest so that you can discuss the next step right away. In this case, it is better to end the relationship as soon as you can. It is for your own good. This way, it is easier to move on and find someone new rather than keep on hoping that your love will be reciprocated. Remember that in being friends with benefits, it is only casual sex between the two of you. It cannot be called “making love”.

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