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Top Tips for a Passionate Valentines

Here are our top tips for enjoying a sex charged Valentine’s night with your casual sex partner.


Wear sexy underwear. Valentine’s is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new and sexy lingerie. Whether it’s a bra and panties or basque in red and black your man loves seeing you in erotic underwear. Now could be the time to try crotchless panties or a cut-out bra that you leave on as you make love.

Plan Ahead.  One of you should take the initiative and plan your sexy night. Don’t leave things to chance but consider how to make the most of the evening. If you’ve always wanted to try outdoor sex then pack up a picnic and some champagne and head to a private wooded area. If you’ve dreamt of making love in the bath then purchase some bubbles and candles and get things ready ahead of time. If your fantasy is for light bondage then consider a gift of soft handcuffs.


Don’t have high expectations. For many people, Valentine’s is just no big deal. Don’t be disappointed if your casual sex partner does not want to celebrate Valentine’s with you. After all marking the occasion may imply the relationship is moving to a romantic level. Don’t put pressure on your partner to buy you gifts, flowers or chocolates. Be content that you are together and enjoying each other sexually.

Don’t feel pressured. Conversely if your casual sex partner is dropping a lot of hints about Valentine’s don’t’ feel pressured into joining in. Now may be the time to have a chat with your partner about the depth of your casual relationship. If your partner buys you gifts that make you feel uncomfortable then speak up and let them know.

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