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3 Good Reasons to Try Affair Sex

no string sexOne-night stands aka affair sex has had quite a bad repute in the past. It was either spoken of in hushed-hushed tones or it raised a dozen eyebrows when spoken out aloud. Although many have come to accept a sexual relationship minus love, a few still have their doubts about such a relationship. They want to take the plunge, but are afraid they will be called a person of loose character.  The big morality question!!!

 A no-strings-attached relationship is not all that bad.  There are some positives to it too!

Looking for reasons to justify affair sex? We’ve got them listed.

  1. It’s fun

The carnal pursuits are fun. With no emotions at stake, you can play around and experiment. Kinky sex using different sex toys promises wilder and crazier sex.

Keep the lines clear – you are not looking at a relationship, just some sexual fun – and everything should be fine.


  1. Pleasure sans commitment

Many of us live really busy lives. We are either engaged in school, college, work and friends and are left with absolutely no time for a full-time relationship. But, at the same time, we are driven by our sexual needs. No string sex is a great way to enjoy physical gratification without any emotional ties, without the necessity for commitment. You don’t have to promise time and neither are you tied to a monogamous relationship.

  1. Explore your sexuality

affair sexEngaging in sex enables you to learn a lot about yourself – physically and emotionally.  You’ll better understand the sex acts that give you greatest pleasure and those that turn you off. Not only this, if you engage in kinky sex, you will learn what you can and cannot handle. You will identify your fears and inhibitions attached to sex and be able to work on it. All this self-knowledge prepares you better for a future relationship.

Sex can also acts as a healthy outlet for all the sexual energy bottled up inside. And, if you don’t know about sex, you can also learn a little more about sex.

Do you have any more good reasons to have affair sex? Why not start now!

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