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No String Sex – Do you tell friends you like casual sex?

Casual  relationships are already a preference for many people especially for those who are not yet ready to settle down and want to enjoy the many added benefit of being single a little longer. Some people have no issue in expressing their preference for a no strings relationship. They are more than happy to let everyone know that they like being in a casual sex relationship. However most people prefer to keep it a secret. How about you? Is it really alright to tell your friends that you like casual sex?

The answer to this question depends on your friends view of casual sex. Remember that this kind of relationship may be nothing new to many people but there are still some who find it unacceptable. If you think your friends find this concept agreeable then you can be open about it. However, if you are uncomfortable with the idea then by all means keep it for yourself. Sex whether casual or not is a private matter.  It is alright to be open about casual sex as one of your options in dating but if you are currently in this kind of relationship with someone, you need to consult this with the other person first. A casual sex relationship has basic rules that you should both follow to ensure your expectations are being met and no-one gets hurt. Being open and telling your friends that you are in a casual relationship with someone should be discussed and agreed by both parties. You might want to tell your friends that you are enjoying the benefits of being single and that being in a casual sex relationship is only temporary. They might want to try it as well so be prepared to share advice and tips. For friends keen to get started,casual sex point them to no string sex.

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