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Looking for a sex affair? The no string sex members aren’t shy about their desire for casual no strings sex affairs. With thousands of horny singles waiting to connect it’s easy to find the sex affair you have been dreaming of.  Members can share their most intimate desires via our online diaries. Here we take a sneak peek at Louise and Tina and find out the kind of sex affair that turns them on.

Tina says she is looking for a new release and a very strong willed sir to do so , I am very strong willed and need taking in hand .
Wanting to learn and push myself to new things and new levels of fun .
Very high sex drive and can be very wanting and naughty .
For stress release I do like to spend time at Santa pod drag strip where I race my car and annoy a few young men lol .
Life is for living and we only have one
Please feel free to message and say hello I won’t bite unless asked to do so 😉




Louise is  looking for Tom Hardy’s fitter brother for a casual sex affair – anyone know where he is?! So now you know I’m shallow, I have a type, if you aren’t it then move along! I like tall, funny, honest men, who can handle a strong willed, opinionated woman who is hard work on occasion. I do have a filter in mind but nothing set up here, local ish, between 25-43, mildly intelligent, can spell is a bare minimum 😉 must have a sense of humour and not be a complete prick! 😀 I’m a big girl, I have lots of wobbly bits, some of them more fun than others – if you aren’t into that then again, move along! I try to be polite, but don’t test that theory 🙂sex affair

sex affair

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