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Friends with Benefits – one of the best casual relationships you can find

Friends with benefits – a good solution to an age old problem? No String Sex members enjoy friends with benefits types of relationships. These type of relationships allow you to enjoy all the fun of friendship with all the thrill and naughtiness of an affair. Friends with benefits can give you the best of both worlds. This week our members share their diaries to let you in on their secret friends with benefits relationships.

Ellie, 37

Well I’ve got to say that was one of the most exciting things I’ve done, I was not sure if having a threesome was the right-thing for me but after meeting a great guy who got on so well with myself and hubby everything just felt so natural and easy. I thought having a threesome would leave me with a few regrets or even a feeling of being cheap or dirty but no, it was fantastic and meeting again. Thank you, and looking forward to next time xxx

Becky, 46

Friends with benefits is really working for me. Wow wow wow, met my sexy young man again, for a promised birthday treat, omg what can I say, best birthday fuck, when he walked in the door the tingling started from his soft lips on mine clothes thrown off naked body’ locked together, he worked his way down to my thighs, pulled them apart and buried his head in my wet wanting pussy so expert with his tongue, I was gasping in no time, then as we passionately kissed tongues entwined his fingers played with my clit, massaging in just the right area so intense fingers inside my pussy felt , so intense everything went black for a while, not stopping there fucked doggy style hard throbbing cock pounding my pussy, and my anal virginity gone to my special young man, my god you are one fantastic extra lover, squirting, gushing lots of noise God I did it all very messy but so good best birthday treat ever thank you darling you were fantastic xx here’s to the next time xx

Flirty, 42

I slowly raise my top up and off, standing before you in just a skirt and sheer black bra. Your eyes widen and you grin with disbelief, as you stare at me and my exposed skin. Every now and then I open my eyes wanting to make sure it’s really you and that we were really finally kissing as I had dreamed of so many times before, and each time; you too would open your eyes dreamily, never taking your lips from mine.

Without breaking our gaze, I straddle your lap, causing my skirt to ride up my thighs. With only the sound of our breaths, our lips come together again, as your hands explore my bare skin each touch making more and more of my dreams of you a reality. As your lips move down my neck, I grasp your hair and guide you down towards my breasts. I gasp when you pull the fabric away; immediately taking my nipple in your mouth, causing it to rise to a sharp peak. I move my fingers down to your shirt, undoing your buttons; trying not to interrupt the magic you are working on my breasts! You raise your head and help me with the last couple of buttons and I quickly return the favour by running my tongue along your neck and placing wet kisses on your chest. I can feel you growing beneath me.

Touch me. I whisper raising up off your lap just enough to pull up my skirt and reveal my thong. pulling the delicate fabric off to the side to reveal my glistening pussy. I feel two fingers slide into the wetness and think I’m going to climax right then! Our lips meet again you grab my hips and position my wanting slit above your erect cock, finally guiding me down slowly, I take all of your cock inside of me, whimpering helplessly. In a constant dream like state, I rise and fall on top of you savouring each beautiful inch. Our bodies meshed perfectly and we move together effortlessly

My insides flutter shudder, as I tighten around you, and I climax with every inch of my body and soul.

As my orgasm begins to subside, I grip your cock tighter as if wanting to hold onto the moment forever. Each long and slow movement reeling you in, closer to crisis until I began to feel you tremble. With a loud moan; you grit your teeth and pull me closer to you, filling me with your warm cum.

We embrace in the beautiful night, enjoying the afterglow. It was bittersweet. I had longed for you like no one before and finally had you, but worried that this one magical night was all there would be, and, almost as if sensing my fear, you looked at me; your deep eyes twinkling, and said Smile. This is just the beginning of an awesome friends with benefits relationship.friends with benefits

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