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Searching for No String Sex UK?  You’re in the right place – all the no string sex members are up for casual no commitment one night stands and affairs. As a full member of No String Sex UK  you can access the private diaries and hottest secrets of our horny singles – here’s what they’re thinking about this week.

Sam, 32

Sam is a member of no string sex uk and she loves to share her wildest fantasies. How I wish it was you touching me..sliding your fingers inside my pussy, exploring my pussy. Pushing your fingers right in so deep whilst I moan, pinch my nipples and open my legs wide to allow you in 😉

At this point I’d be begging for your big hard dick to be inside me…but you’d tease my pussy first by slapping your dick on my pussy and rubbing it on my swollen clit.

I’d plead with you to just give it to me…to which you respond with ‘You want it? Take all of it!’ You push your throbbing dick all the way in making me cry out in pleasure pain and proceed in thrusting hard and fast. We both moan with pleasure at the feeling of euphoria as you fuck me holding onto my legs. We carry on like this until I tell you to feed me your dick.

You pull out, dick covered in both our juices and I get on my knees to clean you up…licking up and down your shaft as you throw back your head in ecstasy.

You look down at me licking then popping the top of your dick in my mouth…you can’t help but hold my head and push your juicy dick all the way in my mouth….mmmm

I slightly gag as you thrust in deeper, yet I want more and more so in between gagging, you continue fucking my face feeling your whole body overcome with elation..and you feel your legs tensing up as you’re about to cum…you pull out, my mouth open tongue out and you shoot your hot cum all over my face and mouth.

It drips off my chin and I lick whatever’s on my lips. Your legs shudder…enjoying the moment as I lay on my stomach, ass up, I open my legs and start playing with myself…hoping maybe I could tempt you for more 😉

Dawn, 48

Dawn is actively looking for no string sex uk.  are there two toyboys would like to meet up with me tomorrow its a meet down a lane and both bend me over back seat of my car and have a quicky while my husband watches then leave just a bit of fun would like lads around mid-twenties but open to any suggestions

June, 26

I’ve never watched Porn before not sure why just haven’t, thought it was more of a bloke thing.

BUT I’ve changed my mind, never masturbated so much in one day watching MMF, FFM, and MM.

I think I’m addictive now , every time I go in my bedroom , I thinking one more Go !

How many calories dose this burn…. Lol xxx

Trace, 36

Trace is another no string sex uk member who is happy to share her deepest desires. I laid next to him on the bed all proud of myself for giving him a great blow job. He started to kiss me and then whispered in my ear that it was my turn. He was kissing me when his hands started to roam over my body. His touch was gentle and sensual. He started to lightly rub his fingertips over my bra circling my nipples over the fabric of my bra. He then lowered my bra straps and with his fingers was tweaking my nipples which were now very aroused. Next he took off my bra. Then his tongue quickly found my nipple. He was circling my nipple with his tongue and alternating each breast. He would also use his fingers and pinch my nipples. He seemed to love to squeeze by breast with his whole palm. While he was sucking on my nipple his hand slowly made its way down my stomach until his hand rested on panties. He was rubbing me through the fabric. He whispered in my ear, Good you are nice and wet. His hand then went inside my panties as I spread my legs to give him access to my aching clit. He rubbed me that way for a few minutes as he knew he had my approval by my low moans.

He then kissed his way down my stomach. His hands eased off my wet panties and he threw them to the floor. He pulled me to the edge of the base of the bed and got on the floor, in the same position I was when I went down on him. He spread my legs and dove in with his face. He started by slowly licking my outer pussy lips but it didn’t take long until he was licking my clit up and down with his hot tongue. I was really enjoying his tongue skills so much so that I wasn’t even thinking about that big cock of his. He would alternate between intense licking and light sensual licking and it was driving me crazy. I was moaning softly and mmmming and ahhhing. He stopped after a while so that he could see just how tight my pussy really is as he put it. Upon inserted his finger inside me he said your pussy really is tight, you weren’t kidding. I am so going to enjoy breaking you in. Then he stood up and told me not to worry that he was just going to rub his cock on my pussy. I actually love when a guy does that as part of foreplay. I propped a pillow under my head so I could watch. His cock was soft when he took it in his hand. He started to rub his beautiful bulbous cock head on my pussy. I could immediately feel the warmth of his cock. He would rub it in both directions, up and down and left to right. He would slowly jerk off making his cock bigger and harder. He then placed his cock on top of my pussy and holding my pussy open, he began to move his hips in and out. Just seeing how far his cock rode up my stomach was a turn on. This was so hot for me to watch as I could see his cock expanding and becoming rock hard. He was really making me hot and lustful. Then he held his cock in his hand as he moved his enormous head back and forth over the opening of my pussy. It felt so good, I was going out of my mind. Oh god that feels sooo good, I said. Right after I said that, I could feel his cock head starting to exert more pressure on my pussy opening. I knew he wanted to insert himself into me. Even though it felt incredible and I was going out of my mind, I had the presence of mind to ask him, put.mmmm.. on.. a condom. He said, Baby, I will in a little bit, trust me. Your pussy is so tight. Let me just loosen you up a bit before I put it on, ok?”

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