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Join No String Sex – our members love all kinds of NSS – one night stands, casual sex, affairs and naughty adult fun. Members share their sexiest thoughts in online diaries -here’s a sneak peek.

Michelle, 39

This hot wife needs all 3 holes pumped with creamy cum 😉

Come on lads, I want hot fit young guys to book a hotel or your place near me Oxford Warwickshire areas. To fuck me that hard my eyes run, to make me gag on your cock and fill me over and over again with your hot sticky cum X hey if you house share or are at uni then even better, after all the more the merrier 😉 I can do most evenings and daytime sat sun. So don’t be shy cum give this horny hot wife what she needs!

Niki, 28

Who wants NSS with me? Please  pull open my pussy lips and Bury their tongue in my tight pussy hole lapping up my juices while I rub on my big swollen clit and then wile I stick my fingers in fucking my tight pussy with them suck and lick my glistening big clit mmm and suck the juices from my fingers and then fuck me with your fingers hard making my tight pussy grip you while you eat me mmm

Flirty, 42

You follow me upstairs, hypnotised by my backside swaying in front of your eyes. NSS is just a minute away. A couple of times You make a grab for one of my cheeks, but I manage to stay just that bit ahead of you. I think to myself that I am the luckiest girl in the world, to be being followed by the sexiest ass to absolute pleasure and bliss as I anticipate the passionate, glorious love making session we are heading towards. I pause on the landing just long enough for you to catch up with me. You put your hands on my hips and grind your groin forward into my behind. There is a swelling in your trousers that is longing to be set free. Stepping forwards we get into our bedroom, now it is your turn to get undressed, and I stand watching with great interest as You undo the buttons on your shirt. You glance at me standing waiting for you to join me in a state of undress and arousal. I lick my lips as you unfasten your belt and trousers and let them fall to the floor. Stepping out of your shoes, You release your feet from your trousers and remove your socks too. So now you are standing facing me, in just your briefs and I’m still wearing my wonderful lingerie and shoes. I move to kick off my shoes ‘Leave them on for now’ you say.

You take my hands in yours and our eyes lock, then it is our lips that lock, as we kiss as deeply and passionately as we have ever done before.

Heat rising in our blood, our hands are all over each other. Yours starting at my shoulders and neck and working over every inch of my bare skin, and then the not so bare parts. My silky garments make caressing me feel amazing, and you can feel me responding to your touch as my nipples seem to stiffen even more. You dip your hand between my legs and begin to rub my pussy through my knickers. Hooking a finger under the side of them, You can feel moisture already in my snatch, my eagerness given away.

My hands are all over you, grabbing at your shoulders, digging my nails into your flesh before dragging them down your back to the waist band of your pants. then I plunge beneath and inside them and grip your ass with what feels like all of my strength. The sting as my nails press into your sensitive cheeks is exquisite and just enough to bear. Running my hands around your hips, keeping them inside your underwear they travel to the front of your waist and meet at your stomach. I stroke your stomach causing your muscles to tighten, then I reach down into your pants and grasp your dick firmly.

We spend a few frenzied moments as our hands work on each other, stretching the material that confines them. ‘Time to get these off’ You say slipping my silky knickers over my hips and down my thighs. You follow them down to my ankles trailing the path with your tongue. The textures change against the tip of your tongue as first you pass over my neatly trimmed triangle of dark, fine pubic hairs, then the soft skin of my thighs, and downwards over the silky sheen of my hold-ups. You can’t wait to make the same journey with your cock, but that will be later. Standing up straight gives you a chance to remove your briefs, but first you carefully remove mine taking care not to snag them on my shoes. I slip your briefs down your legs and your cock springs out, released from the tight material and in doing so slaps against my face as my head passes your groin. ‘Sorry’ you say, I say nothing but take a firm hold on your swinging shaft and keep it still by putting your helmet in my mouth and holding it in place with my teeth. One false move could be very dangerous, but the feel of my teeth around the rim of your knob is fantastic. You very carefully step out of your underwear as I still keep you in my mouth. I flick my tongue over your end and gently prod at the small slit, licking the droplets of pre-cum that are there……..

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