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No String Sex – How to relax on your first date

Any first date could never be a relaxing moment, all the worries of having that great first impression is so stressful that it won’t let you rest even after the date. To make your first date as comfortable as possible there are a few basic rules you should remember. The basic rules can be obvious and they may sound silly but rather effective at quelling the stressful moments in your date.

                Pick an activity you enjoy – Doing some activities you enjoy has a few advantages. It ensures you that at least one of you will be having a good time and the best thing about it is that it offers an insight into who you really are.

                Go or do something that doesn’t require new clothes – Having new clothes can often be uncomfortable.

                Go where you can freely talk – The favorite first dates of virtually anyone is watching movie, but the disadvantage is that you can’t talk freely.

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