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No String Sex – How to reject unwanted love

Rejecting unwanted love carelessly could be dangerous. You need to be sensitive about rejecting someone who devotes his or her love to you. Rejection sensitivity is always a concern when rejecting unwanted love or a lover.

                An independent modern person needs to learn to handle this kind of situation without involving family or any other third parties. News of rejection could never be good news for anyone, it can be considered as a form of breaking bad news.  Here are a few techniques on how to reject unwanted love.

                Setting – Breaking bad news could never be good if done in front of many people. Make sure the setting is private.

                Perception – Ask him or her to clarify what he just said and what could actually lead them to say that. This will help you decide whether to reject them or not.

                Empathies’ – Identify their emotion whether its sadness, anger or hurt. Look closely at their facial expressions then acknowledge it.

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