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No String Sex – Cheap date nights

A lighter wallet is no excuse for turning every date night into a luxury. There are a lot of cheap date night’s ideas you could do with your partner. Here are a few ideas on how to spend the night together without spending too much.

                Ice-skating – depending on the weather you could go to an indoor or outdoor ice-skating rink. It’s a perfect excuse to hold hands.

                Dive bar – skip the fancy wine bars and head to your local bar with pool tables or a dartboard.

                Flea markets – shopping will be a drag to most guys but men are often surprised with what a flea market has to offer.

                Local farm – spend the day picking fresh fruits or vegetables in a local farm.

                Drive in movie theater – spice up your night and try to find a drive in movie theater. Stop at a supermarket on your way and load up some of your favorite snacks.

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