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Mandy, 52

He looked wide-eyed between my legs. I had a finger inside now while the base of my fingers rubbed against my clit. My left hand prised my panties further out of the way. My stockinged foot was still gently rubbing his now-stiffening cock through his trousers. I affected a groan. “Could you pull my panties off please?” I switched my hands to unbuttoning my white shirt. He leant across, his hands noticeably trembling as, on the outside of either thigh, they sought the elastic of my black lace thong. I lifted my ass as he began to tug, and away they came, slowly grazing over my stockings until they were free of my feet. “You can keep those if you like,” I winked.


I stood, taking off my shirt and skirt, returning to my previous position lying on the sofa, only with legs wider now, right foot still massaging his crotch gently. I traced lazy lines around my groin, pretending to tease myself, exaggerating the sensitivity of my clit each time I brushed over it. The poor guy probably hadn’t been this close to a real pussy for 40 years, I wanted him to stare, take it in, enjoy.


Michelle, 21

Michelle is a great example of a female member searching for a no string attached relationship. Here is what turns her on.

im so horny right now any man willing to meet a big girl for hot rough sex to night like now im realy horny havent had sex since july im 21

Mandy, 52

I image his strong hands squeezing my breasts, holding my thighs apart and kissing me deeply as he slides his hard thick cock inside of me making me moan as it throbs against my gspot with of his deep thrusts.


Thrusting my fingers in and out of pussy, feeling my tight walls surrounding them as they curl to my g-spot, wet and sticky with my own juices. Moving my hand from my breasts to my mouth, tongue extended and smearing saliva over my fingers; this display of tongue for his benefit. Taking my fingers down my body and tugging at my pert buttocks, swirling the wet fingers over pink arsehole sucking my bottom lip in delight at this exquisite double pleasure.


I see him now with his hand inside his jeans, gripping and stroking his bare hard cock. What was he thinking about as he watched me tease both my holes? Was he thinking how tight my rectum would be around the tip of his cock as he stretched it open? How I would beg him to take it deeper? Beg him for his seed inside me as I climax with his fingers on my clit?


I wriggle my fingers deep inside my tight cunt, gyrating my hips and grinding my clitoris against the butt of my palm; pressing the tip of my finger into my anus. My body shaking as I watch him work his cock, hoping he knows I want him to watch, spreading my legs wider to give him a better view of my quivering pussy.


My toes curling into the deep pile of the new carpet as I through my head and back and cum loudly, a wave of ecstasy sweeping from my loins over my body, my legs and hands shaking in delight the feel of his eyes on my body making my climax so intense. After a few moments I withdraw my fingers from my cunt, stretched and still pulsating from the intense orgasm. Looking over at him deliberately now I suck the sticky cream from my fingers, slowly, savouring the memory of my orgasm.


As I stand to leave and clean up I strike a pose, my juices running down my inner thighs, giving him one last look at my attractive body. Seeing the smile on his face and the large bulge visible through his jeans I feel satisfied and confident. I give him a playful wave, at last acknowledging that I have known of and wanted his eyes on me all along, and stroll out of the room.

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