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Well I am back on here for take two!!!

For those of you I haven’t previously chatted with or for the ones I didn’t make a big enough impression on last time round ( I’ll try harder this time I promise;-) ) then here is a little about me and what I am looking for!

maxi (22)I am fun loving, extremely charismatic and unique! Often a dare devil, yet depending on my mood a bit of a bimbo too BUT probably the smartest, most educated one you’ll ever meet! Frequently described as the ‘posh Essex bird’!

As for looks, welllllll I would love to describe myself as an extremely sexy BBW, but I am not that much in denial. I am just fat! AND probably bigger than you would expect from my head shot… you have been warned! :-p However I do have some good points too. I have a rather sexy, stunning (little, as I am only 5ft nothing) pair of legs. AND if that’s not enough for ya, amazing big natural tits too!

Soooo, what am I on here for? Well, I am after a one night stand! Simple as!

Ideally, I would prefer my ‘one night stand’ to be a Soldier. I know this is really lowering my chances of finding somebody but everyone has their ‘thing’. Right? 😉

Anyway, I shall stop waffling now….take me or leave me. I’ll let you decide

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