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Anna, 46

Face sitting.

That is what I have been thinking of.

Lowering myself down onto a willing face with a strong, long tongue that can lick and probe my holes a mouth to tease and nibble my clit and room enough for me to grind my hips and make you lick my tight arsehole too

You tied to the bed. Starfish.

I can lean down and take your dripping hard cock into my mouth and encourage you to lick harder, probe deeper, feast on my engorged cunt.

I can straddle you and fuck myself with a dildo, making myself gush – where? Over you? Your face?

Then sit atop your face again and smother you in my sex.

And when Im ready, I can lower myself down onto your shaft and fuck you tease you inch by inch until finally you explode into me making me ready for one last tonguing.

Jo, 34

Well, I have spent the day hard at work getting my hands well and truly dirty, but have had my mind wander off repeatedly to think about finding someone for sex no no strings

I was just sitting there this morning, listening to someone chat on about some rubbish, when I started thinking about wandering off to the bathroom, passing by a well built builder type who I had eyed up earlier. He catches my eye and we just know what we both want.

He pushes me into the disabled toilets, locks the door and grabs my hand and places it onto his groin.

I feel myself start to get hot and wet, my clit beginning to throb and I unzip him.

I slip my knickers down from under my skirt but he pushes me down to the ground so I am on my knees. All I can see is this huge cock that is pushing against my lips. Before I can even lick my lips his huge cock is in my mouth, I can barely take him but he pushes further in, the rhythm starts and I control myself and start to suck, hard, tasting his salt.

He is grabbing my tits and he lifts me up, his cock leaving my mouth and he turns me round, my face against the cold tiles, whilst he pushes my skirt up and fingers me from behind, his cock pressing hard, so very hard against my butt. I am scared he will hurt me but he is getting me so turned on with his thick fingers, going in and out and then rubbing all over my clitoris, round and round, in and out, over and over again, I am pushing my butt out to him as an invitation, for him to take, but he doesn’t, he instead impales himself so fucking deep and hard into my pussy that I can’t breathe

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