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Looking for someone who can make me happy

June 28th, 2014
I’m a married unsatisfied housewife, i would like to try and add some spice and excitement into my life, of course would need to be discreet. Ask what ya wanna know il reply when i can. I would prefer other married people, or at least in a relationship…however all is welcome to msg... Read more...
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Looking for an awesome person

June 25th, 2014
I’m looking for someone preferably under 25, must be a non smoker due to allergies, to either come play with me or to be a sub for my master to play with. As a sub there are a number of rules my master has put in place that I must follow, if you try to make me break these rules I will stop all contact with you. !. Before anything can be agreed I must see a face pic and tastes wills and wonts must be discussed 2. First meets are between you, me and my master and will not involve anything... Read more...
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Looking for someone young at heart

June 22nd, 2014
I’m a sub in an open S+M relationship, I currently live with my master but he often works quite late leaving me to entertain myself. I’m 4″11 dark blonde with large assets and atm I’m a little cuddly at the moment but I’ve been very ill recently but I’m getting back to the gym and getting on top of it... Read more...
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Searching for someone who likes to get wild

June 19th, 2014
I am an experienced lady who looks out for a loving man. I have a 50s hourglass figure, fair freckly skin and light hair depending on the week Im also completely unshaven. There is nothing I like more then taking a fresh new page that is your mind, body and soul and stamping my mark on it, preferably with my 5 inch thigh high... Read more...
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Looking for someone who loves it dirty

June 16th, 2014
I have brown eyes, dark brown hair, Caucasian(white) athletic,height 5ft8,My weight is 75 kg 165 lbs,i have a Clever Quick Witted sense of humor, i don’t smoke, drink occasionally, Christian, I wanna find a man that is not too hurt and not too hard to trust again and can give himself to a woman to be loved and taken care of in a way that will bring a joy of life and an appreciation he’s gonna look forward to every... Read more...
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Would love to spend some quality time

June 7th, 2014
I like real men, not little boys. Age is just a number, but it’s maturity, experience and ability that counts! I am quite old-fashioned,&expect the men to take control. If u hav got wot I’m after, then I’ll know it within a couple of lines… So, here’s the question…. What would u do,&how would u do it? If you need to ask me what I want, then I doubt ur the fella for me,... Read more...
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Meet a woman who shares the same simple pleasures

June 5th, 2014
Hey up im suzanne 🙂 everybody calls me sooz. about me hmmmm well i love going out on the town with my mates love meetimg mew ppl (always do on a night out) love my horses its just a shame i had to sell my boy then i found out he had passed away 🙁 love nights in cuddles up in front of the tv to nothing beats it on a cold night!!! most ppl say im too full on well if you like something go for it, after all shy girls get no sweet huh? im bubble open minded dont mind change or different things... Read more...
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Looking for a person with the same interests

June 4th, 2014
Im on here to meet new people and have some fun dates ..nothing more as not looking for a long term relationship right now. I travel a lot with my job and have a great circle of friends so if youre in the south lets chat and see what happens .. Happy, fun and enjoy all the usual stuff like eating out, drinks, clubs and duvet days lol ..oh and I love chocolate x P.S – If you don’t have a face picture in your profile I wont reply... Read more...
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Someone special who I can share that with

June 2nd, 2014
Ok a little bit about what me and what I’m looking for. I feel like I have been out of the game for a while so I’m looking for someone to help me get back into it and teach me some things along the way. Drop me a line and lets see where it... Read more...
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Looking for that person to light the fire in my heart

June 1st, 2014
Hi there im Sarah, for some reason my account wont let me log in so I had to make this new one. If you recognise me please get back in contact as I was having some nice chats! 🙂 Not sure why im here to be honest, just having a bit of harmless chat I’m honest, caring, hazel eyes, long hair, I’m a plus size woman, age range I look for is 23 – 41, must see pics face & body and of course the money shot, so to... Read more...
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